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It's kind of obvious mix of phrases "Future" and "Rent" and those explain our vision the best. We believe engaging NFTs and real world assets into the blockchain is the next big hype and it will last. We decided to start with the safest and most secure model, which means owning a real estate and renting it out for stable and regular income. That is actually a basic feature in the shortest version and the name catched up real fast, so it's kind of a part of us already.

Futurent is basically a blockchain based rental & trading platform for NFT real estate & luxury cars, heading into the Metaverse sector as one of the pioneers in the field. We like to say that Futurent is where DeFi meets real world assets. Our main features are NFT Bricks - fractionalized NFT real estate. This allows the transferring of the ownership rights of real-world assets in a few simple clicks, and allows you to generate instant passive income. This now makes one of the most historically stable investments accessible to anyone. The smallest investment will vary from 500 – 2000$ and each investor will get a DAO governance vote. On top of that, Futurent`s marketplace will allow listings & rentals of real world assets, such as luxury cars, boats and of course real estate. For the first stage, we are allowing standard (one-piece) deals only, but we are already preparing for stage two – allowing 3rd party owners to tokenize their assets into NFT Bricks. Those are of course tradable at our marketplace also. Further, we will support all marketplace deals with an option of escrow service to ensure the highest level of safety and security for our users. Another exciting part of Futurent is our NFT Giveaway tickets that will allow participants to win incredible prizes! Prizes include Lamborghinis, Teslas, luxury trips to Dubai, etc. During the launch campaign we will test the model by giving away tickets for free and later on, they will be purchased for as low as $1 per ticket. There are many additional features in the pipeline, so be sure to check our roadmap. Also, don`t forget to follow our channels, so you that don't miss exciting upcoming announcements!

Honestly, there were no actual (direct) competitors found, even though we’ve done a considerable amount of research. Many would say we are actually an investment fund, but … Futurent is so much more than that! NFT Bricks (fractionalized NFT real estate) was previously explained and is coming with many advantages. First of all, every transaction is instant. The moment an NFT is sent to the wallet, the revenue share is triggered. These NFTs are tradeable at any time and the user can choose between properties, and use the DAO voting system to place properties on the market (and enjoy extra revenue from the sales). NFTs will be able to be used as collateral, and each fraction can be sold/traded at any time (Futurent will even offer a buyback option if someone needs a fast solution). That’s only part of the benefits our main feature delivers! On top of that, there will be a high-end marketplace that will support listing and renting standard (one-piece) properties. This marketplace will be supported by blockchain, cryptocurrency payments, and escrow service for maximum safety and security. Our ecosystem comes with exceptional staking rewards and a yield program which will provide some additional opportunities for even higher passive income. Metaverse is the obvious next step on the Futurent roadmap as we will engage the same model with virtual properties as well. It’s actually much easier to develop and manage, since all the assets are already digital. However, it needs a more individual approach in order to find the best model for each partnered project. We are already in contact with many Metaverse/Virtual land projects and are looking for the best options out there. Before Futurent 2.0 is launched, we would like to carefully determine every aspect in order to give the best support to our partners and select the best offers for our community. We’re determined to play an important role in the Metaverse marketplace sector. With all of that said, we are keeping our feet firmly attached to the ground at this early stage.

There is still some space in the private sale and everyone can join/apply over the button on our website or address me directly on TG (@alenscorpio). We allow investments of $2k+ for individuals, but the size of this reserved allocation is very limited. VCs and other bigger investors are also welcome to join all the rounds and don`t hesitate to contact us, we are always open for discussion.

Our project is obviously based (backed) by Real estate, which is one of the most stable and secure investments in the history of the world and on the other side we find Metaverse properties, which are (by many) recognized as one of the most potential investments ever. This mix of portfolios must give you a good feeling, right? While trying to focus on the safety and security of investment, we want to deliver excellent passive income opportunities in the space. There are many ways to earn using Futurent: ▪️ NFT Bricks rentals (and sales) revenue share ▪️ NFT Bricks trading ▪️ Amazing staking program ▪️ Platform fees sharing among holders ▪️ Yield farming options ▪️ Renting Metaverse properties ▪️ Superb airdrops and giveaways ▪️ NFT Giveaway tickets with amazing prizes We always strive to deliver the best solutions and we`ll keep on doing so with upgrading the platform in the future. Many great potential was already recognized among potential partnerships, but it's too early to disclose it. When the time is right for announcements, the above list might get much longer …

Yes, we are preparing an amazing Staking program in order to upgrade the token utility as much as possible. Currently we are preparing the final model with our advisors in order to produce as many benefits as possible for the holders. As mentioned before, please follow our channels as details will be released soon.

Of course, security is one the most important parts of the project in our eyes. We also have some requirements from the potential partnerships in order to seal the deal. Currently we are in talks with many reputable auditors (Hacken for example) and we`ll soon announce who we are going with. Definitely all the smart contracts will be audited soon. On the other hand we are also connecting with other safety protocols, to secure as transparent and safe an environment as possible. We are soon announcing many strong partnerships in that area.

There are different platform fees over the ecosystem of Futurent: ▪️ Transaction/withdrawal fees ▪️ Purchase fees ▪️ Escrow fees ▪️ Trading fees ▪️ Managing fees (those will be calculated into the price upfront) It varies on the type of the fee and also on status of the user (higher tier holders/stakers will always enjoy discounts), but in general they are between 1% (zero in some cases) and 8%. We are just preparing the final table of all the fees to be understandable and easy to read and can be shared shortly. Important part of that is that most of the fees will be shared among the community, as an additional yield/revenue for the holders and stakers on top of the regular staking rewards allocation.

When two parties agree on a deal, either rent or sale, we will support it with an escrow service in order to provide safety for both sides in case both wish so. It's not a conditional service, they can do transactions on their own if they wish so. Our service will work in a way that funds are transferred to our escrow wallet until we get confirmation of the deal from both sides and we will release the funds after that. There are many safety instruments to avoid potential frauds involved of course, but we cannot disclose all the details at this point.

We are not limiting ourselves to any specific locations in the future and for this reason the team is exploring good partnership opportunities at every step. Futurent has its target markets to build from, which are Dubai, Turkey, Switzerland and Netherlands and there we`ll definitely announce some local partners that will help us operate soon. But we are not limited to those locations at all, crypto is the universe and we want to explore it in details.

Metaverse is the obvious next step on the Futurent`s roadmap as we will engage the same model into the virtual properties as well. Actually it's much easier to develop and manage, since all the assets are already digital, but it needs a more individual approach in order to find the best model for each partnered project. We are already in contact with many Metaverse/Virtual land projects and we are looking for the best options out there. Before Futurent 2.0 is launched we would like to carefully determine every aspect in order to give the best support for our partners and select the best offers for our community. In the future we might play an important role in the Metaverse Marketplaces sector as we want to bring the best of it in one place.

Definitely! Our team is actually specialized in this field with more than 9 years of experience in the traditional market. We have a really strong team that handles UI / UX and manages the development process. We are also predicting engagement of the "non-crypto" users in the future and that is the reason we put a lot of focus into it.